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A pendant with a special charm - quite literally.

A piece to wear or use as you will.

In latter days full of superstitions, stones with holes in - also known as hag stones, fairy stones or adder stones - were thought to hold magical healing or protective qualities. They were nailed to front doors to ward off witches and pixies, above horse or cattle stalls to prevent the animals from being hag ridden, or worn for protection from illness or bad luck. Formed by a smaller stone or piece of grit being pushed consistently into the stone’s surface, they were also used for divining.

My version has been carved in wax and cast in recycled brass or recycled silver. I carve each one individually, replicating one from my collection - so each one is different and unique - like the stones themselves. They have a pleasing texture and weight to them and hang from 80 cm (large) or 75cm (small) of brass ball chain.

The large recycled silver version has been hallmarked by the London Assay Office, including my individual makers mark and for this year only they also carry a special mark for the King’s Coronation.

I have barely taken mine off since I made it!

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