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The MUD RING is inspired by the organic flow of liquid mud found on the estuary shores local to me - once I have carved the ring I hold the thicker part over the flame of a candle and allow the wax to melt and move as it will.

The ring will be carved in wax by me for you, then cast in your choice of recycled brass, or silver. It will be unique to you although very closely based on the one pictured.

Please use the contact sheet to let me know your size - if you don’t know your size you can buy an inexpensive ring sizer on the site that I will send out straight away for you.

Whist I will carve your ring as soon as possible to your order being received, it can take a while to come back from the casters so please allow up to 3 weeks to receive it.

If your piece is in silver it will need to be hallmarked, so I will need to send it away to the Assay Office once I get it back from the casters - please allow another 3 weeks for this.

Feel free to email to see what I have in stock if you'd like your ring sooner than this.

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